The typical asphalt strip shingle has dimensions of 12 by 36 inches. They come from manufacturers in packets since they are relatively fragile before being laid. How to stack shingles on a roof? Depending on quality, a stack of standard shingles typically weighs 50 to 65 pounds. The safe stacking of asphalt shingles on a roof is not likely to be done. To bring them up there, a lifting apparatus is required. And they were then using deft judgment to handle the big boxes on a steep roof.

After Safely Storing Asphalt Shingles on a Roof, Take Care

How to stack shingles on a roof? Making sure the shingle packs are securely fastened is our principal focus. Laminated ones are not laid over the roof ridge because their design calls for level installation. But we could accomplish it with regular 3-tab shingles.

1… To support the bottom edges of the packages, we fix battens across steep roofs. Then, without taking any chances, we may take the wrapping off and separate the individual shingles.

2… To avoid the boxes falling over in the event of a gust of wind, we only stack the boxes two or three high. This lowers our financial risk in an unforeseen event, such as a roof timber giving way under the weight.

3… To safely stack asphalt shingles on a roof, the weight must be distributed across the roof to spread the load. Additionally, keeping the boxes close by allows us to traverse the roofless frequently.

4… We have also learned to avoid softer terrain like hips and valleys. We meticulously research each roof structure’s unique personality before we start.

When stacking shingles on hot and cold days, keep these things in mind

How to stack shingles on a roof? As the asphalt hardens on chilly days, shingles are less likely to flex and bow. We must also be careful when picking them up and setting them down. We have the opposite issue on hot days when we might implement a just-in-time stacking policy.

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Why Spend Money on a Roofer Who Skips Safe Practices?

Because they want to finish the job as soon as possible, some cowboy roofers in Calgary don’t bother with these safety measures. For you, the buyer, to cover the cost of their poor quality, they burden their pricing accordingly.

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