It’s not surprising that you’re asking how to put shingle bundles on the roof when you consider the average weight of one bundle of shingles, which is around 70 pounds. How to carry shingles up a ladder? There are three standard methods: manually carrying each bundle of shingles up a ladder on your shoulder; using a power conveyor belt; or, if the roof is low enough, pitching or handing them to someone standing on the roof from the top of a big truck that is parked next to the end of the roof. You should distribute the shingles over the roof’s peaks, hips, and rakes because they are hefty and will be used all over the top.

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Things You’ll Need

  • Gloves
  • Ladder with a stabilizer bar
  • Truck with a ten-foot high sturdy standing surface
  • Power conveyor belt


Step 1

Put on your work gloves in step 1. How to carry shingles up a ladder? Utilizing your hips and knees more than your arms and back, lift a bundle of shingles onto your shoulder.

Step 2: Carefully raise a supported ladder with the bundle of shingles. Once you’re at roof level, lean to let the bundle drop off your shoulder and onto the roof.

Step 3: Continue to ascend the ladder until you reach the roof. Reposition the bundle of shingles you just placed on the top onto a peak, hip, or rake by pulling or picking it up once you have all the shingle bundles on the roof.


Step 1: Park a truck with a robust standing surface 10 feet high, extremely close 

to the edge of a one-story roof, with the feeling you will be standing facing the ceiling. Grab a pair of work gloves.

Step 2: Place a bundle of shingles on the surface of the truck where you’re going to stand by raising them using the proper lifting method. Keep on the vehicle and have someone pass you a bundle at a time. How to carry shingles up a ladder?

Step 3: Climb the truck’s standing area, grab the bundle of shingles, and swing or shuffle them up onto the roof. If you haven’t already, get on the top of the truck, pull or take them up, and set them on a roof peak, hip, or rake. How to carry shingles up a ladder?

Power Conveyor

Step 1: Place the power conveyor over the roof’s peak. Please send someone to the roof area next to the conveyor belt.

Step 2: Put on your work gloves.  Set the power conveyor to on.

Step 3: Using the correct lifting method, hoist a bundle of shingles onto the motorized conveyor. Until all shingle bundles are on the roof and can be quickly retrieved off the conveyor belt by whoever is on the top, keep lifting them and placing them on the power conveyor.


How to carry shingles up a ladder? A single bundle of shingles typically weighs around 70 pounds and the weight increases from there. Always use two men or lift assistance to minimize the risk of damage. If you cannot maintain your balance while carrying the bundle of shingles up the ladder, do not attempt to climb it.

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