Walking on any roof is dangerous, especially if you lack the proper training. It is best to leave any inspections or repairs that need access to the rooftop to the experts. Although flat roofs are less unstable than pitched ones, there is still a chance of felt damage and possible membrane punctures. Flat roof coverings you can walk on? If a flat business roof is built to withstand foot traffic and the added weight of any equipment you bring up, it can be used for leisure activities or to add extra storage space.

Flat Roof Surfaces You Can Walk On

Flat roof coverings you can walk on? You can choose a roofing material suited for high foot traffic on rooftops that double as decks. Again, waterproofing a flat roof requires excellent experience and knowledge. Your roofing specialist can apply the proper waterproofing membrane to make it possible to walk on any roofing material, including BUR (Built-up Roofing), TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin), Modified Bitumen, and Single Ply Roofing.

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BURs, also known as tar-and-gravel roofs, are made of alternating layers of waterproofing material and hot tar. Flat roof coverings you can walk on? Another layer of gravel is added as ballast after that. However, some contemporary BUR varieties use fiberglass membranes rather than tar paper.

You can walk on other flat roof membranes as well, such as:

  • Cold-Applied Polyurethane Reinforced Waterproofing 
  • Hot Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing 
  • Cold-Applied Rubberized Waterproofing (Non-reinforced and Reinforced)
  • Torch-Applied Waterproofing for Single-Ply Roofing

Flat Roof Surfaces You Cannot Walk On

Some flat roof membrane types shouldn’t be walked on for two apparent reasons: safety and damage vulnerability. Flat roof coverings you can walk on? Suppose the roofing membrane isn’t strong enough to sustain the additional weight of foot traffic. In that case, it can easily give way, endangering anyone walking on it and resulting in expensive roof damage. It would help if you didn’t walk on some flat roofing membranes, for instance:

  • Fiberglass flat roofing made of GRP High temperatures and harsh chemicals is not a problem for glass-reinforced plastics (GRP). However, when used on more extensive commercial roofs, it frequently fails before its time and might not be able to sustain heavy machinery and foot traffic.
  • Flat metal roofing Commercial roofs with a flat or low slope can also be made of steel, zinc, aluminum, or copper. Metal panels with screw-down or standing seams, however, are not suitable for use as flooring. They are easily prone to bulge and leaks, which will be expensive to fix.

Benefits of Having a Flat Roof You Can Walk On

Walking on your flat commercial roof has many advantages, including making maintenance more straightforward. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about your roof getting damaged, and you’ll have more room to add things like HVAC systems. Flat roof coverings you can walk on? Installing roof drains or scuppers at your roof’s margins or using automated siphons for ponds in the middle of your roof will help you quickly get rid of standing water during heavy rain or snowfall.

The less chance of leaks on your roof, the faster the water is removed. Additionally, walking on a flat roof will make it simpler for your roofing contractor to perform standard inspections because flat roofs need to be inspected twice a year after every significant storm. Since your roofer won’t require specialized equipment to access the roof, this lowers the labor cost for minor repairs.

More Making Use of the Additional Space

If you can walk on your flat roof, you can accomplish much with the different areas, like establishing a rooftop patio or garden. Installing solar panels is another option for producing green energy and lowering utility costs. A flat roof is the most economical type of roofing since it allows maximum utilization of all available areas (both below and above the roof). Additionally, this roof offers enough room for necessary heating and cooling equipment. Just add a sturdy waterproofing membrane to create the perfect substrate for green roofing plans.

A flat roof can be used as a living space in small spaces with bathrooms, covered kitchens, and living or sleeping quarters. You might even keep extra equipment in there. Flat roof coverings you can walk on? To ensure that your flat roof can securely sustain high foot traffic without endangering you or your employees, you should ultimately deal with a qualified commercial roofing contractor. Commercial buildings need the proper roofing material and top-notch construction to safeguard stock, equipment, clients, and staff. Therefore, there is a lot at stake. We at A-1 Property Services in Miami, Florida, are aware of this and will work to give you a sturdy flat roof system that will last for many years.

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