Roofs typically have rectangular, overlapping shingles as their covering. Do stored shingles go bad? They serve as the top layer of defense over roofing felt. Roof shingles have a long lifespan. Their lifespan is typically between 15 and 20 years. Therefore, the question “Do roofing shingles expire?” has a positive outcome. They do pass away. The good news is that if you take good care of them, they will last a long time. This article will provide detailed information about roofing shingles’ lifespan.

Do roofing shingles degrade over time?

Let’s look at some statistics that will help you understand why shingles exploration. You will even be aware of how to make the shingle durable.

Sheathing for roofs

Roofing shingles deteriorate over time, but how quickly depends on several factors. Some occasionally age too quickly, but you can easily replace them. When the weather is particularly harsh, your shingles may deteriorate more quickly. Several factors influence roofing shingles.

Roofs in storage

When getting our roof fixed, we always buy shingles in large quantities. Thus, a few shingles are typically still present. The shingles that are left over should be stored rather than thrown away. Because the leftover shingles perfectly match the ones on your roof. If any of them are wrong, you will have replacement matching shingles on hand.

However, if you want them to last long, you must keep them carefully. Asphalt is often used to make shingles. It can get stiff if this is kept for longer than a year. However, if exemplary efforts are followed, this could be avoided. Please keep them in the original bundles they were packaged in because they are positioned in such a way in that arrangement that they can avoid contacting one another. If you remove them from the bundle and store them stacked on top of one another, you might find that they become stuck to one another after some time and form an asphalt block. They couldn’t be removed from the situation undamaged. Try to keep them in a relaxed, dry environment. Some of your shingles’ worst enemies are heat and humidity. Attempt to keep them inside your house as opposed to the garage. Shingles may last for a long time if they are correctly stored.

Roof with Shingles

The roof shingle will now be applied. Since they are doing all of the work, they are the ones who need to be looked after the most. They are exposed to a variety of weather conditions and other environmental stresses. If you want your trees to grow over your roof and avoid adding weight, you may need to trim them regularly. Or you want it, so the wind doesn’t blow them off the roof. The shingles will gain unneeded weight and lose granules due to this.

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Shingles can be seriously damaged by heat and humidity. So, it’s best to use thicker shingles on the side of your roof that gets the most sun and thinner ones on the sides that get the most shade. Your roof will age evenly if you do this. When putting up your roof, remember that it is better to spend a little more on better shingles than to use cheap ones. Because if you use shingles that are a little below par, they might not even last a few years. In the end, you will need to spend more money.

How can you tell whether your shingles need to be replaced?

Typically, asphalt is used to create the shingles. If any of your shingles are missing or the corners are turned up, you should call your contractors and ask them to check your roof. You should look for it if your shingles don’t go back down right after a strong wind or if you see a lot of heavy debris on your shingles. After a few days of rain, if your shingles are still wet, the felt is probably not draining water efficiently, so you should check it out.


Do stored shingles go bad? Roof shingles have a shelf life. Shingles do have a shelf life, just as everything else. The only distinction is that you determine the date. They will last very long if you take good care of them. And if you don’t, they’ll age earlier than they should. It would help if you now understand this topic well due to this article. If you have any additional questions, we advise that you speak with a roofing contractor in your area.

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